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What is Critical Illness Cover?

Terminal illness cover pays out a Lump sum on diagnoses of an incurable disease or illness.
This money will then be used to cover all debts while in treatment and also to have overhead expenses covered while you might not be able to work.

Why Critical Illness Cover?
Discovering that you have a terminal illness can have a devastating impact on your dependants and finances.
The duration of some illnesses can not be predicted and for as long as we want to keep ourselves alive, whether it’s in Hospital or at home we will need money to provide us with the care taking.
Most illness benefits can be claimed on permanent diagnoses and some can only be claimed partially.

Modern day Terminal illness policy’s have between 20 and 65 different illnesses listed from which different amounts on particular illnesses can be claimed.

How much is enough Critical Illness Cover?
As modern day medical technology improves we could live up to the ages of 90 years. The claim statistics have already shown that more people become disabled because of a disease and then live longer with that decease, making it impossible to support their life span with only pension savings.

This can cripple your finances as well as your dependant’s life style.

Based on family history and current health condition, it is important to have enough illness cover while you can still afford it.

Drawing an application will determine what the premium amount for your cover will be.
There is always a possibility that you can become uninsurable against future traumatic events, buying future illness cover will be an option that must be considered.

Illness events:

Heart attack
Open-heart surgery
(including coronary artery bypass graft)
Aortic surgery
Heart transplant
Multiple sclerosis
Motor neurone disease
Accidental brain damage
Dementia (including Alzheimer’s
Bacterial meningitis
Benign brain tumour
Liver transplant
Pancreas transplant
Chronic liver failure
Lung transplant
Chronic respiratory failure
Kidney transplant
Kidney failure
Rheumatoid arthritis
Muscular dystrophy
Accidental HIV via a blood transfusion
Accidental HIV for medical, dental or
nurse practitioners
Accidental HIV via an organ transplant
Accidental HIV via a road traffi c accident
Accidental HIV via violent crime, rape or
indecent assault
Full-blown AIDS (only available if the
Severe Illness Benefi t is an accelerator)
Bone marrow transplant
Severe aplastic anaemia

The above listed are some of the most common diseases, but there are more.

Affordable Critical Illness cover:
The affordability of the Illness cover will depend on what you would like mostly to be insured and how much cover you need, what the waiting period on the claim will be and for how long you want the cover for.
If we buy illness cover it is best to select the whole life option.
While you are young it is reasonably affordable but as you get closer to you 40’s and 50” it could cost you a substantial amount of money and by then you might just be un insurable.

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Critical illness Cover

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